You made it to the end of my 12 Days of Christmas giveaway! A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did! Here is the final question and answer (well, sort of).

Question 12: Hard to decide, but which is your favorite book of Suzanne’s?

Answer: Although there isn’t one right answer, there was a tie between your top picks! Christmas at Rose Hill Farm and Anna’s Crossing. Here’s a breakdown of your favorite books.

favorite fisher booksCongratulations to the last set of winners: Donna Ford and Charlette Bond

Missed a day? Here’s a recap of the questions, answers, and winners!

Day 1: Where does Suzanne happily do her writing?
Answer: The laundry room. Really.
Winners: Donna Tyler and Cecile Baker

Day 2: Who are Suzanne’s constant writing companions? Hint: they bump the keyboard a lot.
Answer: Her big yellow dogs.
Winners: Cindy Patterson and Susan Johnson

Day 3: What’s the name of the town that all of Suzanne’s Amish fiction books are set in? Bonus Q: which state?
Answer: Stoney Ridge, Pennsylvania
Winners: Cynthia Adams and Melissa Henderson

Day 4: Does Hank Lapp really appear in every book?
Answer: Not every book, but pretty close. He’s gets his feelings hurt when he’s left out.
Winners: CJ Stinger and Nessa Kroeger

Day 5: Which character is Suzanne’s alter-ego?
Answer: M.K. Lapp (The Lesson) as a young girl. Bertha Riehl (The Search) as an old lady.
Winners: Cheryl Hart and Jean Marino

Day 6: There’s something that appears in The Search, then Christmas at Rose Hill Farm, then Anna’s Crossing. What was it?
Answer: An old fashioned rose.
Winners: Shirley Franklin and Darlene Holley

Day 7: Which character gets the most fan mail?
Answer: Fern Lapp from the Stoney Ridge Seasons series. I think everyone wants a Fern Lapp in their life. A little bit like an Amish Mary Poppins.
Winners: Carrie Pennington and Renee Signorelli

Day 8: Why does Suzanne write about the Old Order Amish?
Answer: Her grandfather was raised Plain.
Winners: Mary Hake and Carolyn Ridgway

Day 9: Which character has a steely regard that keeps Suzanne in line (and scares her a little)?
Answer: Edith Fisher Lapp.
Winners: Marilyn Ridgway and LeAnn Mooneyham

Day 10: Suzanne’s husband, Steve, has a hobby that has made him beloved-by-all, and has created a waiting list for people who invite themselves to dinner. What is it?
Answer: Ice cream making
Winners: Liz Suiter and Sharon Lewis

Day 11: What is a writer’s favorite national holiday?
Answer: National Grammar Day (March 4)
Winners: Jodi Shadden and Jan Hall

Day 12: Hard to decide, but which is your favorite book of Suzanne’s?
Answer: Your pick!
Winners: Donna Ford and Charlette Bond

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