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Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future.

Luke Schrock is a new and improved man after a stint in rehab, though everyone in Stoney Ridge only remembers the old Luke. They might have forgiven him, but nobody trusts him.

Amos and Fern Lapp allow Luke to live at Windmill Farm under two conditions. First, Luke must make a sincere apology to each person he’s hurt–a four-page, single-spaced list. Second, he must ask each victim of mischief to describe the damage he caused.

Simple, Luke thinks. Offering apologies is easy. But discovering the lasting effects his careless actions have caused . . . that isn’t so simple. It’s gut-wrenching.

And his list keeps growing. Izzy Miller, beautiful and frustratingly aloof, also boards at Windmill Farm. Luke’s clumsy efforts to befriend Izzy only insult and annoy her. Eager to impress, Luke sets out to prove himself to her by locating her mother. When he does, her identity sends shock waves through Stoney Ridge.

Bestselling and award-winning author Suzanne Woods Fisher returns to her beloved Stoney Ridge for this brand-new series featuring some of her readers’ favorite characters.

Q&A with Suzanne Woods Fisher

I know an idea is good when…

…you get that same satisfied feeling of fitting the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle into place, and voila! The picture comes together.

The best day of my life (so far!) was when…

…oh, so many great days! Getting married, having babies, becoming a grandmother. That’s the family side of things. Then, there’s the work side of life: getting my first contract, making my first bestseller list, receiving some awards. I am just so…grateful.

To de-stress, I like to…

…play tennis. I feel like I’m ten years old again.

I stay in touch with the world through…

…listening to updates of the news throughout the day. Unless there’s a big story, I usually just listen to the updates. Too much news is…depressing.

I want to see…

…the Northern Lights. Someday!

I keep organized by…

…well, frankly, I wish I were more organized! But when it works, it’s because I’ve created a place for things.

I wish I could travel to…

…wherever I could see the Northern Lights.

Three guests at my dream dinner party would be…

…Mary Coffin Starbuck, Peter Foulger, and his grandson, Benjamin Franklin. I wouldn’t say a word! I would just listen to them, so happy to be in their company.

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Suzanne Woods Fisher is a bestselling author of Amish fiction and non-fiction. Her interest in the Amish began with her grandfather, who was raised Plain in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. She travels back east a couple of times each year for research. For fun, too.

Suzanne has a great admiration for the Plain people and believes they provide wonderful examples to the world. She has an underlying belief in her books–you don’t have to “go Amish” to incorporate many of their principles into your life: simplicity, living with less, appreciating nature, forgiving others more readily, trusting in God.

When Suzanne isn’t writing, playing tennis, or bragging to her friends about her grandbabies (so cute!), she is raising puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. To her way of thinking, you just can’t take life too seriously when a puppy is tearing through your house with someone’s underwear in its mouth.

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