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In 2018, Sarah Sundin introduced readers to the Paxton family in
her Sunrise at Normandy series, which began with The Sea Before Us. Sundin
now returns to the shores of Normandy in The Sky Above Us, where the second
Paxton brother prepares to face the past—and the most fearsome battle of his life.

Numbed by grief and harboring shameful secrets, Lt. Adler Paxton ships to
England with the US 357th Fighter Group in 1943. Determined to become an ace
pilot, Adler battles the German Luftwaffe in treacherous dogfights in the skies over France as the Allies struggle for control of the air before the D-day invasion.

Violet Lindstrom serves in the American Red Cross, where she arranges
entertainment for the men of the 357th in the Aeroclub. Drawn to the mysterious Adler, she enlists his help with her work and urges him to reconnect with his family after a long estrangement.

Despite himself, Adler finds his defenses crumbling when it comes to Violet. But D-day draws near. And secrets can’t stay buried forever. Can a Red Cross worker help him heal the wounds that tore his brothers apart?

Sundin has been named on Booklist’s Top 10 Romance Novels and her newest book, The Sky Above Us, will continue to enchant readers as it artfully blends historical accuracy, battle scenes, and a rich romance.

Q&A with Sarah Sundin

I know an idea is good when…

I know it in my heart and my head. It takes hold in my heart. If it grows and grows and won’t let me go, then I know it’s an idea to explore. There’s a giddy, falling-in-love feeling when that happens, and it’s wonderful. Then it’s time for the brain to take over. Since I write historical fiction, I do preliminary research to make sure the story works historically. I make sure the story has all the components needed for a novel or novella. Then think like a marketer—is the idea close enough to my previous books to interest my lovely readers, but different enough to keep them coming back for more? If so, it might be a keeper.

I keep organized by…

Ooh! One of my favorite topics. I could write an entire article. Several. But I won’t. In a nutshell (or a color-coordinated set of nutshells from my favorite office supply store), I set yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals and track my progress so I don’t miss deadlines. I keep spreadsheets for interviews, articles, items I’ve promised to give away, etc. And I file carefully—papers, computer documents, and emails—everything gets a logical name and a set folder. And for my research and projects, lots of pretty binders and online notebooks. All of this is for a purpose—so I don’t waste precious time finding things and so I honor my commitments.

I wish I could travel to…

My husband and I are planning two dream vacations in the next few years. First to Japan to see our son in the Navy, and second a European river cruise—with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law! The European trip will be combined with research for my next three novels. I can’t wait!

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Sarah Sundin is a bestselling and award-winning author of historical novels, including The Sky Above Us and The Sea Before Us. Her novels When Tides Turn and Through Waters Deep were named to Booklist’s “101 Best Romance Novels of the Last 10 Years.” A mother of three, Sarah lives in California, works on-call as a hospital pharmacist, and teaches Sunday school.

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