After last week’s Kate update, I wanted to share more of her journey with you. Below are excerpts from the four blogs, so after you’re done reading them, click through each title for the full story.

A couple years ago, I received an email from a young woman, Kate, who was planning to convert to the Amish. Kate has offered to write a few guest posts for my blog to share her experience and answer your questions.

Part One (Click to Read)

I want to thank Suzanne for having me as a guest blogger on her blog it is such a privilege for me. I’ll start by describing me and why I’m guest blogging and go from there. I find that a lot of people find my “story” interesting and something a lot of people have thought about doing themselves but, to me, it is just simply my following God’s Will.

What am I doing? Lord willing, I am joining an Old Order Amish church in Michigan this coming summer after I graduate high school (my parents requested I do this and I want to obey them since I am 17). I’m sure, depending on the individual person, your thoughts are going everywhere right now! From agreeing with me, to disagreeing, to thinking I have no idea what I’m doing. These are the type of responses I get from friends and family members when I tell them of my plans.

Part Two (Click to Read)

Normally when someone finds out I’m joining the Amish, they wonder how? At least those are the emails I get from my blog readers or family members. Honestly there aren’t many official “steps” that I have to do. I’m sure it would be different coming from someone that hasn’t basically grown up in the this church (remember I’ve been part of this church for five years) but for me it has worked out perfectly. Another hint that this is God’s will? I think so!

When I officially decided that I indeed wanted to become Amish I spoke with the Amish parents where I had visited and stayed so often. We talked it over and I told them my reasons for wanting it and my belief that it was here the Lord had led me.

After that I waited a while and just recently took the next step. I had a meeting with the bishop of the church, who’s very nice and not like all those bishops in some stories. He talked to me and basically asked the same questions that the parents did before. He wanted to make sure I was joining for the faith and not just the lifestyle. He reminded me of a need for salvation in Jesus Christ and that they live that way because they have that salvation and that works are nothing without it.

Part 3 (Click to Read)

Q: I was wondering where you would be living, and whether or not you had spoken with the bishop in the church district you will be living in?

A: Yes I have. A few weeks ago I had a meeting with the bishop, his wife, my Amish “parents” and me. We discussed all sorts of things and answered both of our questions. Our bishop is actually bishop over two congregations and in his other church there are people who were ‘English’ and are now Amish.

Q: What made you decide to convert to Old Order Amish and not one of the other orders?

A: When I first began searching and attending I began to develop convictions based on what I read in the Bible and things I’ve seen growing up. I found that these convictions (dress, electricity, buggies etc.) followed most closely with the Old Order Amish in the church district I had previously been attending.

Part 4 (Click to Read)

I want to start out by thanking you for all the emails and comments you’ve given me. They’ve truly blessed me in ways you’ll never know. I do want to make sure I say that all the ‘credit’ or any type of glory goes to God. I don’t want any admiration or anything like that because without God none of this would happen. I am simply following Him where He is leading me and serving Him the only way I know how. Therefore…He gets all the glory 🙂 With that said…here’s my last post I think (not sure but I think I’m out of ideas!).

My spiritual journey to the Amish is, to me, the most important part of the journey. There is no point to living the Amish life without a Biblical foundation. The Amish life is all because of the Bible. They live the way they do because they have the conviction from God’s Word. I never understood people that said they’d like to join the Amish but weren’t Christians or close to God. How? Why? I desire an Amish life because I want to follow my own convictions and please Him. I’ll do this post as more of a spiritual timeline about how I came to the conclusion that the Amish faith was right for me, and the Old Order specifically.

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