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This week’s guest is the amazing Patricia Mauro.(You may have caught her Author Spotlight a few weeks ago).  She says this of her new book, Safe From the Past, “A kidnapping, divorce, the loss of my Amish family and father, abandonment, and extreme poverty are just some of the issues I dealt with as a young child. My mother finally told me that I must go to college so I can break out of the cycle of  hopelessness. It seemed like an impossibility, I had no money and absolutely no confidence or self esteem.”

Don’t miss Thursday’s interview and find out how Patricia is reconnecting with her Amish roots and family. Be ready to discover what hope, faith and determination can do to change a life.

More about Patricia: Patricia Miller Mauro grew up in Dover, OH. She attended Muskingum University and went on to work in New York City’s financial district for thirteen years where she also obtained her MBA from NYU.

During her time in NY, she wrote an article for the Recovery Journal entitled, “A Tribute to My Mother” which was published in 1999. Her recently released book entitled, “Safe from the Past: A Story of Hope, Faith and Determination” serves to inspire others to believe in themselves and to trust the power of God in our daily lives.

Patricia, her husband and her two children now reside in Dallas, TX.

For more information visit Patricia’s website, www.patriciamaurobooks.com.

For a chance to win a copy of Patricia’s book, leave a comment {HERE} (along with your email) and we’ll select one winner randomly next week.

More about Safe From the Past: There is no future in the past.

A truly inspiring, deeply personal tale of perseverance in the face of unimaginable hardships, Safe from the Past makes clear the restorative power of an education.

Through her own hard work and determination, Patricia Miller Mauro succeeds in leaving behind a bitter world — one of extreme poverty, violent adults, and a seemingly inescapable cycle of insecurity, instability, and despair — for a bright future fueled by higher education and a rewarding career.

Told in an open, honest voice with the deepest sincerity, the author’s life story serves as a rousing inspiration to those with the desire to create a better life than the one they are currently living.

No matter how helpless you feel, everyone has the power to shape their own life.

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