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I hope you are enjoying time with friends and family this week. I sure am! This week’s show is an encore presentation of an interview with Marlene from earlier this year. Marlene is an Old Order Amish woman who has published an eBook, Grace Leads Me Home. The book is Marlene’s memoirs of her life and a true delight to read. Don’t miss this show.

More about Marlene: Marlene C. Miller has been a member of the Old Order Amish Church for 44 years and lives with her husband of 48 years on their farm in eastern Ohio, surrounded by her 9 loving children, 40 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren.

More about Grace Leads Me Home: When a small-town Ohio girl met an Amish boy ice skating at the local pond, she had no idea all God had in store for her from this chance encounter. All Marlene knew was how gracefully he slid across the ice and how gently he tightened her laces. Her curious and inquisitive nature was calmed by his patient, sensible answers. With problems at home, Marlene poured herself into band, cheerleading, singing, and twirling. But the true peace she was seeking was not found until one life-changing moment with God at her kitchen sink. The inner change was reflected outwardly as she embraced the Amish way of life. Her heart found its home in this closely-knit community. With only her love of her husband, a love of animals, and her desire to learn, Marlene joined her husband in farming the beautiful rolling hills of Ohio and raising a large, active family. She soon found that a life of faith is not alsways full of mountain-top experiences. But through the joys and successes, the hardships and anguish to come, Marlene held tight to God, trusting His grace to lead her home.

Purchase a copy here.

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