Yesterday was one of those zig zag days…

It started knowing that a friend of mine was having the memorial service for her father-in-law, who had Alzheimer’s. This would be a day they would always remember.

Received an early morning phone call that one of my very best friends is moving from Texas to the San Jose area…about 30 minutes from me. WHEN does that ever happen? People move away…not closer!

Oh…happy day!

That morning, I had a wonderful call with Revell about the launching of Amish Peace and was told that 3/4’s of its first print run was already ordered. And it hasn’t even left the warehouse yet! The release date is still 10 days away.

My heart soared.

During the afternoon, I stood in a long, snake-like line to register my senior in high school for the last time (the last time! Remember…I’ve had four children! I’ve been standing in registration lines and writing countless checks to the school district for many, many years). I brought our guide dog puppy along with me. She was a big hit for all but my son who was mortified by the extra attention she received.

Oh well.

Anyway…in the middle of writing out a very expensive check for a parking spot (don’t get me started about how exasperating it is to PAY for a parking spot…plus, the Parking Monitor Guy was a little scary…picture Dwight Schroot from The Office), my friend texted me to say that her husband just found out he did not get the job that he had wanted. And was well qualified for. And hoped for. And prayed for. He’s been out of work for about 9 months now and it is becoming harder and harder for them to stay optimistic, revved up for the next interview, etc.

My heart ached.

Then I zoomed to the oral surgeon and actually received good news from him for once. They needed a test from my dentist so they called his office, and told me just to run over right now and get it taken care of…so I did (I really did run! They were right across the street)…which was a miracle! Two dreaded dentist trips knocked out in one visit.

A happy moment of rare dental convenience.

Then I got home and received an e-mail that another friend’s dad had passed away a few hours earlier. He had been in hospice so it was not unexpected. But still, quite a significant day for this family.

As I cooked dinner, I wondered about all that they were doing as the day wore on. Calls to be made, details to be taken care of, plans to be thought out.

Before wrapping up the day, I checked Amish Peace on Amazon and discovered this info:

Popular in this category: (What’s this?)

#8 in Books > Religion & Spirituality > Christianity > Protestantism > Amish

Now, remember, it is not even releasing until September 1st!

My heart soared again.

This day had everything in it but ordinariness.

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