Marley and Me is a bestselling non-fiction book written by columnist John Grogan. Over a year ago, I met John Grogan and interviewed him for Guide Dogs for the Blind. He’s a very nice, very regular kind of guy, who has a knack for writing and hit the jackpot with his book about his crazy yellow lab.

As soon as Marley and Me hit the NYTimes bestseller list (where it stayed in the number #1 spot for…I think…as long as 28 weeks!), Fox Pictures snatched up the book’s film rights.

Now, the film is starting to come to life. Casting has begun.

And ground to a halt.

First of all, Jennifer Aniston has accepted the lead female role. Jennifer might do well on TV…but that gal is the kiss of death for a movie. Each one of her movies tanks, right from the get-go.

Secondly, the lead male role, Owen Wilson, was hospitalized this week for attempted suicide. He meant business, too…slitting his wrists and overdosing on pills. Cheerful reports say he will be well soon and ready to resume his acting career.

Personally, I think he may have a few issues to work out that are bigger than getting back to work.

I’m a little worried for Marley and Me. That movie seems doomed.

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