This is one of those weeks in which my life will change. Forevermore!

My daughter’s baby is due this week! Thursday or Friday…not that babies pay attention to calendars. But I do! I’m sleeping with the cell phone on the nightstand next to me.

My daughter and her husband live in Rhode Island, so when the baby arrives, I’ll be heading east!

Such a wonder to think that a little person is going to arrive very soon, and will be a part of our lives forevermore. Someday…(though not for a while, I hope)…that little guy will be pushing my wheelchair to the Bingo games at Shady Acres!

I’m gathering recipes and things to take to my daughter’s to help out–thought I’d bring her baby book along, too. This is our first grandbaby so I’m open to suggestions! What was particularly helpful for you–either as a new mom or as a new grandmother?

And if you’re a praying person, please add my daughter and her husband and their soon-to-be-born baby to your prayers. Safe, smooth, easy delivery of a healthy baby. Happy moments as they become a new family.

Stay tuned for the big news! I promise I’ll post when that long-awaited baby makes his appearance! 🙂 

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