Join me today for Amish Wisdom – in June I had the privilege of interviewing Pastor Joel Kime and his parents. Joel shared an amazing story about God’s grace and forgiveness.

I shared his story in my book, Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World.

On a typical autumn Sunday afternoon, seventeen-year-old Joel Kime was driving to a local school for an afternoon game of football. “I saw an Amish buggy about a hundred yards in front of us in our lane, heading the same direction as us,” Joel remembered. “I said to everyone in the car something like, ‘I’m going to blow by these guys.'”

As Joel overtook the buggy, he didn’t see the buggy’s left turn signal. The car smashed into the buggy, killing a young woman–a bride on her honeymoon.

Listen to Joel’s powerful story as he describes the authentic forgiveness offered to him by the young woman’s family–and the freedom and healing that followed.

This is a story that will change your life.

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