This summer, we’ve been doing a few needed updates on the house. Much needed new appliances in the kitchen, for example. I ended up choosing a kitchen faucet that I just love, love, love…though I’m sure others might disagree. Others, like my mom, who saw a pix and wondered what was the matter with the faucet that it needed a coil around it? Here’s a pix:


My friend Kathy and I had a fun conversation about unique kitchen faucets as a metaphor for life: Something you like so much that it just doesn’t matter what others think.

Maybe it’s a mid-life thing, but I wish I’d had that perspective throughout my life. As in, not being so affected by the opinions of others so that you don’t “pick the faucet” you really want.

For my birthday, Kathy gave me a picture of an old faucet. We’re calling it our “year of the faucet,” applicable on many levels. Trying to be clear about what we want, or how we view ourselves and/or situations we’re in, with God as our guide (and that’s the important part!), so that we’re not so swayed to pick the “wrong faucet.” In fact, I’m starting a new journal about the things I’d wished I’d known, or the things I’ve had faulty thinking over.

I’m doing another “new faucet” metaphor in my life this summer…I’m growing out my bangs, which I’ve had for thirty plus years. I’m ready to make the change…and I’m liking it enough that I’m not even asking anyone if they like the new look. I don’t want to know!

What about you? Any “new faucet” metaphors in your life this summer?

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