Had a great radio interview this morning with Pat Williams, former coach of the Orlando Magic professional basketball team. The interview will air on Saturday eve; I’ll try to get a link posted when it comes in.

One of the things that worried me about this interview was the basketball connection. My son is playing Varsity basketball and his team is having an incredible season so far. Remember, this is a team without a home gym (eternally under construction). No home court advantage. No Friday nights when the gym is packed.

And yet…they are ranked #16 in the state of California!

BUT! I digress. That was just the kind of digression I was worried would happen during the interview this morning…I would swerve off topic (Amish Peace) and on to high school basketball.

As I was preparing for the interview this morning, I placed all of my notes out on the kitchen counter and strongly encouraged my family to skeedaddle before the call came in.

On top of all my carefully laid out papers, my son placed the sports page of the newspaper…the very page that listed last night’s team win. “WHAT were you thinking?!” I asked him as he flew out the door to head to school.

“Just in case you wanted to talk to Pat Williams about the scoreboard!” he tossed back.

Well…despite that kind of enticement…I stuck to the topic of Amish Peace with Pat. And he wants me back when Amish Proverbs releases in August!

In fact, that’s what I should be working on right now…the galleys came in for Amish Proverbs and they are GORGEOUS. So I’m signing off.

Happy mid-week!

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