As my virtual blog tour bounces around the world, there’s a review today by a reviewer in the UK who says she isn’t a Christian but agreed to review my book. I really appreciated this comment she made:

I had expected the underlying religious theme to be more prominent but I was pleasantly surprised that Suzanne didn’t labour the point and as a result didn’t alienate non-Christian readers like myself. It can be difficult when a writer has a passion for something and that then dominates their writing which results in making anyone who doesn’t share that passion feel like they shouldn’t be reading the book. I am pleased to say that Suzanne didn’t do that and as a result I felt like she had considered all readers, no matter what their faith.

My goal in writing has always been to point people to God’s high path, not to club them on the back of the skull with a two-by-four.

To read the entire review, click here: The Book Tiger. And remember…if you leave a comment on these websites, you’re entered to win a $50 gift certificate to Amazon. Happy reading!

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