There’s a lovely, thoughtful review of Copper Fire on Amateur de Livre‘s blog today. I’m so grateful for reviewers who take time to completely read the book (not just skim it), give it some thought, and then take more time (a precious commodity) to write up a poignant assessment. I have been a reviewer…it’s not that easy!

Here’s a snippet from Amateur de Livre’s blog today…

I don’t believe in giving away too much of the plot but here is some food for thought:

Elisabeth does come to live with Robert and Louisa, but is she more than they bargained for?

Louisa resumes contact with her former fiance, someone who hurt her so bad in the past but is trying to make up for it. Are his intentions noble?

Will Friedrich Mueller be found in Copper Springs, and if so what has brought him back?

Suzanne has done an excellent job of spinning a tale to engage all readers, and by pulling in Nazis, concentration camps, theft, spies, and unconditional love, it would be hard to find someone who wouldn’t enjoy this book.

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