In their own words…

An optimist sees the glass as half full—a pessimist sees it as half empty—a realist sees it as one more thing to wash. Scribe from Worthington, Indiana

In their own words…

It seems like a farmer’s life can be filled with so much danger, but to me it gives the opportunity to do extra praying for my crew each and every morning as they go about their many varied duties. God delights in sending His protecting angels for His committed followers. Scribe from Mt. Hope, Ohio

In their own words…

The hotter the sun shines, the colder the ice cream is. That’s what Walter M. would be able to say. He has two solar panels mounted on the roof of his mountain home and Tim has it wired into an inverter and a battery bank. So now Walter has electric to run power tools, lights, and even a refrigerator with freezer. He doesn’t even need to run his generator, it’s all powered by the sun. Walter and Betty don’t need to plant flowers either, they have hillsides of wildflowers growing around them. And, of course, when the flowers pass their season, they still have the majestic tree-covered mountains to look at. Scribe from Fairfield, Montana

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