A story from The Budget

Can you imagine how you’d respond in this situation? Would you be as patient and understanding?

A scribe from Zanesville, Ohio…

“Modern conveniences…they’re bound and determined to teach patience to this lady! One day i the recent past, I was in the middle of Jo-Ann Fabrics in the mall, when suddenly the power went off. Very shortly, it was back on again, then off again for a bit. I proceeded to finish my shopping, with frequent pauses to allow the electricity to take another break, which it continued to do repeatedly. I wish I’d have kept track of how long this kept up; I’m guessing an hour, more or less.

The biggest problem with this off and on thing was the fact that each and every time the electricity went off, it took 15 minutes after it came back on again for the computerized registers to reboot; each time the electricity even blinked the 15 minute wait started all over again. So all this time they couldn’t check anyone out. One time the 15 minutes were just about up, then it blinked again.! I desperately wished to leave, but I had things in my cart I wanted, and some were items they’d cut for me. and so we waited, and waited, then waited some more. Finally all (clerks included) lined up at the register so as to be ready the second that computer gets its act together. The polite thing to do was to look as if we have all day and then some, and e tried our level best to leave that impression. In due time, we finally hit a long enough time span to get us out of there. If I don’t miss my guess, the clerks were as happy to see us leave as we were to do just that!”

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