The town of Gordes…

After my daughter’s wedding, which had a lavender theme, my friends Nyna and Bill had given me a beautiful photograph of an Abbey in Provence that grew acres of lavender. It’s in my dining room…and while I was visiting my niece, I kept finding that same picture in stores. Turns out that Hilary knew where it was, so off we zoomed!

The lavender fields are resting now, but imagine them in summer!

I’d like to get this sign for my family room, especially when sports’ events are on the television: “A place for prayer and reflection.”

Kind of a funny story here…Hilary sang “Amazing Grace” in the cathedral. As she hit that last note, a high “E”…we suddenly heard footsteps climbing up stairs in a hurry…like she had offended the monks with her Protestant song! So what did we do? Turned and ran!

Check it out…the monks’ laundry line!

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