This year, I decided to vote absentee. I carefully studied the propositions and scrutinized the absentee ballot directions so that I didn’t miss any step (I’m known for moving a little too quickly and forgetting important things…like my signature).

I mailed it in, put way more postage than it needed…sent it out in mid-October so that I knew it would arrive.

Last night, as I was waiting for my husband to come home from voting (he refuses to vote absentee…says he likes the feeling of community on election day)…anyway, I was waiting for him so that I could zoom out the door to get to my Guide Dog meeting…(we’re short a car and have to share)…

anyway…he mentioned that the voting people told him my vote hadn’t registered. Our names are next to each other at the registration book, so they wanted me to come up and vote again.

So I did.


And I did get my free-if-you-voted Starbucks’ coffee yesterday. In fact, my son and I went, and he ordered a hot chocolate, and I left a big fat tip…so I think Starbucks ended up doing pretty well for the day.

In other news, Grit received a 5 star review today while on its blog tour from Review Your Book. Nice!

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