What memory stands out to you, in your childhood, about the beauty of nature?  When do you first remember that feeling of breath-gasping “awe?” To me, that feeling of awe is worship in its truest, most appropriate form. I think that’s how we’re going to feel when we get to Heaven, in the presence of God. Filled with awe! 

For me, that feeling hit when my family visited Yosemite for the first time–the valley, the waterfalls, the granite peaks.

I read a lovely entry about another “awe-filled” memory from Linda’s Lunacy as I was rambling along on the blog tour for Amish Values. I thought you’d enjoy what Linda had to say, and how she encourages her children to have an appreciation for nature: 
One of my favorite chapters is titled ‘Northern Lights’. It’s the story of a woman whose family was visiting relatives. It was late, and their host wanted to take them outside for a walk. She was reluctant to go, it was late, it was cold, and he wanted to take them out on the frozen lake. She really didn’t wanted to walk out on an unfamiliar frozen lake. After being assured it was safe, she walked a good ways out on the lake with everyone else. Then she saw it. The Northern Lights. “The beauty of God’s handiwork brought tears to my eyes. I will never forget it.”

While most of us are not in locations where we can witness the Northern Lights, there are many, many wondrous sights that God has made in our own areas. We recently laid on the front porch together watching for meteors during a meteor shower. We live in the country and like to ride around and see all the different animals our neighbors have, Llamas, peacocks, donkeys, and something we call “hairy cows.” We don’t know for sure what kind it is, but it’s some kind of cow with a hairy, furry head. The kids, along with their cousin, even made up a song about the hairy cows. Which has to be heard in person to be believed. rolfol That kind of family bonding can’t take place when everyone is running in different directions, doing their own thing.

We also like to take walks as a family, looking at all the wild flowers in our area. Taking a walk together is something that all ages can do together. If there are no wildflowers where you live, walk around looking at the neighbors flower gardens and trees. It’s also great family fun to just look at the cloud formations together.  Do you see the same things in the clouds that your kids see?

I’d love to hear your first memory of “awe.” It’s inspiring to hear how other families bring nature into their children’s lives. Chime in! Either here or on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by! 

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