We’re down in Sedona, Arizona celebrating…well, a bunch of things! Our 25th wedding anniversary, for one. Our daughter’s engagement, for another. We spent the first day on a hike climbing the famous Red Rocks of Sedona. Yesterday, we drove to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. In the snow! Words can barely hint at its haunting beauty.

Sedona, Arizona is an interesting little mountain/desert town. It’s only been a hip resort town the last twenty years or so, thus everything is new.

But Sedona was founded around the turn of the century by a fellow named Schnebley who wanted to name this town after himself. The U.S. Post Office decided his name was too long for a cancellation stamp so Schnebley tried another name, but the P.O. nixed that one, too. Finally, his brother suggested he name it after Schnebley’s wife, Sedona. That one worked for the P.O. and the town of Sedona was christened in 1902.

The thought occured to me that Sedona Schnebley might have picked the wrong brother.

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