Years ago, I gave my mom a Christmas gift of a wooden sign with the words: Never Enough Thyme. It was one of those gifts that hit the mark; she loved that sign and kept it hanging in her living room for years.

It’s interesting to see the kinds of verbs that are associated with time: losing time, pressed for time, time’s a-wasting, racing against time, time gets eaten up, running out of time. Verbs that carry a sense of loss, of something that’s out of our control.

And those phrases aren’t wrong! Time does fly like a flock of birds. There’s never enough of it.

Let’s flip this around to God’s perspective on time: It’s actually a very bad habit to complain or fret about the lack of time. He is a God of sufficiency, and that includes each and every 24 hour segment of time given to us. There’s enough time to do what He has called us to do, as long as we are responding to Him. And His grace is always there to help; it is eternally present.

Learning to rely on God for our “time needs” is a step of faith, every bit as important as trusting Him for our finances, or our health, or our deepest concerns.

And here’s the best news: the more we hold our time up to God to plan, the easier it is to sort out what’s important and what’s not. The key is trusting God, one day at a time.

Scarcity Says…Honey, your time is running out.

Abundance Answers…There’s plenty of it and more to come. “I make known the end from the beginning,  from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand,  and I will do all that I please’” (Isaiah 26:10, niv).

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