Last Friday, I had the privilege–and it was a great privilege–to be a part of the women’s group of Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church. They had read For the Love of Dogs and planned a summer evening, S.P.L.A.S.H. (sit poolside, laugh and share), to discuss the book and writing and all kinds of things. They even made cool things like this sign at the gate for Running Deer Ranch. And every women had a sticker on her back of a character on her back. As an ice breaker, they had to figure out who they were with yes/no questions. Oh! And someone–Lisa, the Women’s Ministries’ Director par excellence–had made dog bone cookies!

One woman, Monica, was kind enough to help me out with my guide dog in training puppy. Little Reyna (now 19 weeks old) added the “wow” effect but didn’t read the manual about good manners at other people’s homes. Monika was WONDERFUL with her.

(Don’t be fooled by this angelic look. That little gal puppy has a wild streak.)

As an author, I felt so honored to meet these women of all ages, who had spent their summer reading my book. I type in a little laundry room on an ancient computer…and it’s such a shot in the arm to actually connect to readers! It’s my favorite part of writing.

Speaking, though…oh…it’s so hard. I always leave an event thinking I could have done better. I feel as if I stumble and don’t stay as focused and wish I could edit myself.

But meeting those women…oh, they are wonderful.

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