I love reader emails. I don’t always have time to respond to every one of them, but I do read each one. Often they ask similar things such as:

1. Will there be a fourth ‘Lancaster County Secrets’ book?
2. Will Billy and Bess ever get together?
3. How do I get published?
4. Would you like to collect the bizillions of dollars your distant, long-lost relative in Zimbabwe was kind enough to leave to you? And if so, would you wire $5,000 via Western Union to release the money through Customs?

I’ve gotten a lot of these lately, so I thought I’d answer here…

1. Will there be a fourth ‘Lancaster County Secrets’ book? 

Well, yes and no. No…because that series is officially over, but yes, because there will be a Christmas story coming out that features Mattie and Sol (A Lancaster County Christmas…already up and discounted on Amazon though the beautiful cover isn’t posted yet. Soon, though!). And…the lovely little town of Stoney Ridge will carry on in my next two series. It’s the kind of town we all wished we lived in. There will be different characters in the new series. , but you’ll see a few familiar faces.

 In fact, we’re going to be sending out newsletters from Stoney Ridge, in between releases, to update readers on characters’ goings on. So be sure you’re signed up to receive the newsletters! Click here and you’re in! Or go to my Facebook page and click Join My List.

2. Will Bess and Billy get together?  

The truth is…I just haven’t decided yet! I know the Bess and Billy relationship didn’t end all neat and tidy, wrapped in a bow– to, but it ended best for Bess at that point in her life. Remember, she was barely going on sixteen! And she didn’t want to be second best. But…I will say that I am open to reader suggestions and input.

3. Will your series be made into movies? 

Um…well, not that I’m aware! But stay tuned…you never know. However, I have heard that authors have absolutely no ‘say so’ in the film depiction of their book. And most are quite disappointed with the end result. Well, maybe not Harper Lee.

4. How do I get published? Will you read my writing? Can you help me with my query letter? 

I wish I could! I really do! I love to encourage aspiring writers. But…I have no margin in my life right now for the time needed to go through someone else’s work. And yet! There are other venues that are perfect for that. Learn from other authors. Study the publishing industry as a business. Go to writers’ conferences. Start a writing group at your church. Get Sally Stuart’s Christian Writer’s Guide and mark it up! Read, read, read. And write, write, write.

5. Will you come to my book club? 

Now…that we can arrange! Especially if you live in Paris or New Zealand or New York City! But seriously…I have joined in by speaker phone to a lot of book clubs. It’s really gone well–and I’ve sent ahead some Amish-style gifts to round out the night for a club.  I’ll be speaking at my church in March to a young mom’s group, and to a number of other charity organizations in the Bay Area.

6. Do you save reader emails? 

I do! I have a file for them. Some authors call this their “sunshine” folder, as in a little ray of light on those less-than-inspiring days. When you’ve had a bad review or think you’re the world’s worst writer, you can go to that folder and get a little encouragement. I call my folder “Here Are Three People I’m Not Related To Who Have Read My Book and Liked It.”

So thank you for all the emails. I do appreciate each one. It’s always great to hear from readers, to know what you thought of a book, which character you liked and which you didn’t. And send me your story suggestions…should Bess and Billy get together? Or should she take a second look at Levi (the fellow who liked her overly much?)

To all readers, I thank you. Keep those emails coming!

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