My high school son went to his junior prom on Saturday night…our last junior prom.

It’s so much easier having a son go to prom than a daughter. The daughters spend weeks and weeks planning, plotting, shopping, combing through magazines for hairstyles, making pedicure and manicure appointments. Trying out new make-up. Organizing pictures. Organizing limos. Returning dress #1 because dress #2 is so much better.

No…check that…dress #3 is really the one.

My sons got their tuxes ordered, about two weeks prior, under the panic of a deadline by their mother. Then, on the Saturday of the prom, they remember that they needed to order a corsage. Then, they have this tradition where they get a dozen roses (read: Mom and Dad pay…but still, a nice touch) for their date’s mother.

Other than that, the grooming preparation on Saturday for my son consisted of: bursting in the door at 4pm, hopping in the shower, throwing on the tux, and heading out the door by 4:30pm.

It worked.

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