Not sure what caused this piece of happy news…but The Choice, my novel that will release on January 1st, hit the Christian Book Distributors’ bestseller list last week. #13!

Probably helps that the cover is gorgeous. My son is still after me to find out who that model is!

It’s ahead of The Shack, which is a book that seems to polarize people…they love it or hate it, nothing in between. Have you read The Shack? Probably. Most everyone on the planet has. I found it to be a book that stayed with me, and I loved the emphasis on the Holy Trinity…but really wished the book had the help of a good editor. It was a self-published phenomenon, virtually, an overnight success.

Anyway…I’m digressing.

Back to CBD. I’m impressed with that company! And not just because they’re offering a lower price on The Choice than Amazon, too. I like their energy.

Books are so important, and there are so many good books still to be written…still to be read. I want to support these companies and retail outlets that are working hard to stay afloat in a thin-margin economy. So this weekend, rather than just automatically order something from Amazon, I ordered it from CBD. (And no, it wasn’t 1,000 copies of The Choice or Amish Peace.) I’m curious to see how CBD compares to Amazon’s amazing customer service.

So…back to Monday. Out in California, we’re due for our first big whopper of a storm starting today. The remnants of a typhoon, wet and warm. We need the rain, so most folks are looking forward to the weather change. I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude. Weathermen like to get everyone all excited about storms…but usually, they peter out by the time they make landfall. Hence…California is ‘the drought state.’

Hope your week is off to a good start! I know it’s a great Monday for postal workers. They’re observing Columbus Day. No mail today.

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