More simple pleasures suggested from readers…once you get started…more come to mind! A great frame of mind to kick off the three-day weekend. Keep sending them in! They make my day.

Coffee with a friend.

A momma cow’s moo.

Laughing til your cheeks hurt.

Fresh sheets.

Warm sun on a cold winter day.

High blue skies with no clouds.

Cooking with a friend…especially when her family does the dishes!

Puppy breath

I love to walk in the rain – and a good storm is always welcome!

Another great freebie is….a full moon…and a (rare) harvest moon.

Soft towels warm from the dryer.

Waking up when you want to.

A gentle rain.

An ice cream cone.

Sitting in the dark by the lighted Christmas tree.

A porch swing.

A cold slice of watermelon.

Licking the dasher from the ice cream maker.

Singing hymns in church.

The aroma of dinner cooking.finishing the last thank you note.

licking the beaters

sending/writing a card/note, just because

seeing your kid’s smile and eyes light up over something simple

walking into a room and having a puppy jiggle all over, happy to see you

Looking out over Hong Kong Harbor from The peak at night.

Laying on a hammock on a nice sunny day in the shade with a breeze going.

Witnessing your first grandchild being born.

A baby’s laugh

Reuniting with friends

Good Things are Coming!

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