Traveling with my sister is always a treat, mostly because no one else gets our humor. We spend a lot of time giggling! A lot.

So during a very serious moment in the concert, I kept hearing a mosquito buzzing around me…divebombing…but I couldn’t see it. The cathedral was freezing, so having a mosquito there was very weird. A monotone mosquito, too. Just one buzzing note that got louder and louder and louder.

Finally I whispered to my sister, “Where is that horrible buzzing sound coming from?”

She looked surprised. “Why, it’s me! I’m humming.”

I tried to hold back my laughter because it was entirely inappropriate to laugh during a serious song…but I just could not stop giggling. My shoulders were shaking and my face was bright red and tears were streaming down my face. My sister was giggling even harder.

I blame jet lag.

But I knew what to do. I had to fill my mind with something very solemn and serious, something that would make me instantly worry and fret and wring my hands in despair. I knew just the thought!

Over and over I repeated: “Hillary Clinton is actually going to be the Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton is actually going to be the Secretary of State.”

Voila! It worked. The giggles were cured.

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