Isn’t it nice to have some good news in the news? This weekend’s newspapers ran a story about giraffes in West Africa, bouncing back from the brink of extinction. In 1996, there were only 50 left. Today, over 200!

There are nine types of giraffes in Africa, each distinguished by geographic location and the color, pattern and shape of their spotted coats. Ten years ago, it was estimated that there were 140,000 in Africa. Today, giraffes number less than 100,000–due to poaching, war, advancing deserts and exploding human populations.

The animals in West Africa–Niger–are known as Giraffa camelopardalis peralta, the most endangered subspecies in Africa. They have large orange-brown spots that fade into pale white legs.

Their comeback, experts say, has been credited to a combination of factors: concerned conservationists, a government keen for revenue, and a rare harmony with villagers.

What a great way to start the week…on a piece of good news! Too rare, too rare. I think there could be a great market for a TV news show dedicated to just telling us what’s going right in this world.

Good stories only, like the success story of the West African giraffes.

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