Last week, my mom’s car breathed its last breath. My husband and I looked at a number of used cars at our favorite dealer and narrowed it down to two. Then, I took Mom out to test drive them.

Raul, the car salesman, hopped in the backseat. He gave Mom directions as if he was talking to a normal driver. Now, my mother is a very lovely woman…but she’s over 80 years old, so tiny she can barely see over the windshield, as deaf as a fence post but refuses to admit it, and needs clear directions WAY ahead of the need to turn. Or stop.

She flew through one red light.

Then missed the turn.

By now, Raul had sized up the situation and started to TALK LOUD and SLOW, pointing out an upcoming turn WAY before she needed to turn.

When it was time to test drive the second car, Raul opted to pass. “You just go ahead with her,” he said to me, mopping the sweat off of his forehead. “I trust you.”

A few hours later, we negotiated a great price for a great car.

And Mom is back on the road. Heads up, everyone!

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