One thing I noticed in yesterday’s post about “How Do you Meditate on the Lord?” was the everydayness of the suggestions. Carrying on yesterday’s theme, I found some tips in an article about how to turn everyday moments into spiritual experiences.

  • Practice lectio divina. This ancient Christian prayer form, in which people reflected on a Bible passage as they went through their day, can be tailored to benefit you in your modern day world. Choose a favorite verse from Scripture, or pick a poem, song lyrics, or another piece of inspirational writing, and concentrate on the words and possible meanings as you go about your work and errands. 

  • Reflect on your blessings. Turn your daily commute, or something as mundane as chopping vegetables for dinner into a positive experience by meditating on something for which you’re deeply grateful. 

  • Discover prayer-walking. Turn your walks into a form of meditation. As you stride through your neighborhood or along your walking trail, be deeply mindful of your surroundings and let them inspire you to offer thoughts of praise and gratitude.

Source: Mastering Mindfulness by Nancy Fitzgerald, The Curves magazine, Summer 2011

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