So many women wrestle with their identity once they become moms.

And then they wrestle with it all over again as their kids head off to college!

Caryn Rivadeineira, author of Mama’s Got a Fake I.D. (Waterbrook), wrote this book to address the conflicting feelings moms have about their identity. And while it speaks primarily to young moms, her biblically based conclusions work for moms at any stage.

Caryn explores what God (not culture, not peer pressure, not even best friends) has to say about the role of motherhood in a refreshing, honest, “real” way. She encourages women to love the role of being moms, while not neglecting or undervaluing God-given creativity/talents/gifts that makes them who they are. Caryn has been an editor for many magazines, including Marriage Partnership and Christian Parenting Today, and she has an intuitive sense about what’s relative to readers.

I figured out that Caryn and I are about fifteen years apart. As I read her book, I kept wishing that I had a book like Mama’s Got a Fake I.D. when I was a young mom. I remember experiencing so many of the same feelings she writes about…adoring my baby but feeling intellectually restless. And a little guilty over that.

Caryn’s writing style is such that you feel as if you’re hanging out in her backyard on a warm summer afternoon, sipping iced tea, while the kids are playing on the Slip ‘N Slide. (Wait…do those things still exist?) Anyway…as you read, you’ll feel as if you’re just talking to your friend about heart issues. Mama would be a great read for book clubs and Bible study groups. Caryn has added thought provoking questions for reflection and discussion at the end of each chapter.

Caryn has been kind enough to provide a book as a giveaway, so leave a comment to win a free copy of Mama’s Got a Fake ID. The drawing will be Monday, September 22nd. I bet we could get Caryn to sign it, too.

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