Dara Torres, 41-year-old Olympic swimmer, has been such an inspiration that my sister and I have decided we, too, should try out for the next Olympics: London 2012.

We’ve given serious consideration about what events to compete in, because we’re new at this and middle-aged and don’t have a lot of time.

Synchronized diving looks pretty do-able, we think. (Might be more of the Synchronized Cannonball variety but, still, we’d be the oldest women to compete in the Olympics. A historical moment! We’re already working on our interviews with that cute Bob Costas.)

My husband pointed out that the only way Wendy and I could ever, ever, EVER compete in an Olympics would be to start our own country.

So we gave that some thought.

We know of a person who owns an island in Maine. We wondered if he might loan the island to us, just for a year or so. We will declare independence from the United States…hoping there will be no serious ramifications, such as those in Peter Seller’s classic movie The Mouse that Roared.

The more complicated our plans became, the more we realized that…the thing is…we really just want to go to London.

So we might skip the historic Olympics try-out stuff and take a trip.

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