Reyna is either having an incredible honeymoon period or…better still, we hit the jackpot. The last few days have been amazingly easy! She sleeps through the night, has a gentle temperament, licks more than she chews, and has only had a few accidents.

Last week, before we knew what our puppy’s name was (other than it started with an “R”…I was running a contest for the best “R” name. I forgot to mention the awesome name suggestions that came in: a lot of Rascals, Renegade (thank you, Charlotte), Ruth, Radar, Rumble, Ranger, Rowdy, Rio, Rimshot.

The winner is…drumroll please…from Barb M. who lives in St. Louis, Missouri and has a dog that steals things…Robin Hood! (Barb…send me your addy and I’ll pop a copy of For the Love of Dogs in the mail to you.)

So Reyna means queen in Spanish. It’s a cute name for a puppy…though I’m still stumbling through six dog names before I get it right. “Wait Arbor, Galena, Utley, Azure, Brent, Oriole…um I mean Renya!” One of these days, it will sink in.

In the meantime…hmmm…where did she go? Oops! Better sign off!

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