Can you believe today is June 1st? Summer is on the horizon! Longer twilights, calmer schedules (theoretically), a break from routine.

Time flies like a flock of birds.

My daughter, Lindsey, who moved with her husband Josh to Rhode Island, starts her new job today. She had one interview…one! (in this economy?!) and was hired. She works as a third party quality assurance auditor…testing consumer products to make sure they’re up to snuff.

Little Reyna is now 9 weeks old.

She has a WONDERFUL temperament! Mellow, sleeps through the night, sleeps a lot in the day, isn’t too nippy.

We’re still working on that whole housebreaking thing…which she has yet to embrace.

The thing about having a puppy in your life is you just can’t take things too seriously. They certainly don’t!

Only downside is I can’t quite get as much writing done. She’s just too cute.

Other thing I can’t believe is that–a few days ago–my counter clicked over to 15,000 hits since I started blogging. Still no ads!

Thank you, to each and every reader, who pops in to read my blog. Your time is valuable! So I hope this blog puts a smile on your face.

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