On Saturday, we went to my son’s basketball game played against a team that shall go nameless…suffice to say that it was a private school known for recruiting giants from another planet. (I kid not! One boy was 6’8″, two were 6’6″…and this school has NINE coaches. That is virtually a 1 1/2 to 2 coach-player ratio. Sheesh! How many coaches does a team need?)

The giants started the game as if they hadn’t had their coffee yet. Amazingly, my son’s team was up by six points in the first quarter! I took a picture as proof because I knew no one would believe me.

So as they took a break after the first quarter, the giants’ coaches hand fed their players with cafe lattes and warm chocolate chip cookies and gave them neck rubs. Just the energy boost they needed. When the buzzer rang, that team came out on the court with an evil gleam in their eyes.

They soon took the lead…and kept it.

Still, it was a great game. The gym was packed, the 6th man was out in full force, our entire team had a chance to play and the crowd roared with every bucket. And I did my best not to laugh out loud when one giant tried to dunk a basket, missed, and fell down on his extra-large sized bottom.

My son’s team lost, badly, but with dignity. The final score was 75-44…but it’s pretty cool to think that his team earned 44 points off of a school that is ranked in the top ten high school basketball teams in the country!

For now, anyway. We have a re-match to look forward to.

And this week, our team will be playing their cross-town rivals. Stay tuned!

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