My husband and I had an interesting discussion this weekend about the color of our new Prius. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it a few weeks ago, but in the back of my mind, I’ve been sort of stunned that we ended up with this bright blue color. There’s nothing wrong with the color, in fact, I like it. But I just thought I was so very clear about the light blue color I wanted.

In fact, it turns out my husband had wanted that light blue, too, but he thought I had pointed to this bright blue in the catalog.

So, after having the new car for two weeks (because, like I said, I really didn’t want to turn the car color into an ISSUE…and I’m grateful for a new car, period!)…I happened to mention that it surprised me it wouldn’t have occurred to him that there might be a miscommunication because I love, love, love the light blue color.

After all, I said, the color of our furniture is that light blue, the kids’ bedrooms are painted light blue, the color of my Mother of the Bride dress was light blue. And I also pointed to that exact light blue Prius after we had ordered it, quite often, saying, “Look! There’s our car!”

Steve: “You love light blue? I thought your favorite color was red.”

Suzanne: “Red? Why would you think that?”

Steve: “Well, once you said you would wear red sneakers when you turned 90.”

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