I’m not quite sure how I managed to create the chaos that I did yesterday…but when I went back to pick up the boys from the leadership conference, I parked where I thought the teacher said to park. Across the street from the high school.

Right at 2:30, I saw a large clump of high schoolers mill out of the gym and stand at a corner. My son called to ask where I was, so I told him I was across the street, where I was pretty sure I was supposed to be…but I would drive over to where he was. I assumed I must have made a mistake.

But no…I hadn’t!

The large clump of students started to head across the street. My son called again to tell me to wait…but I couldn’t, because a long line of mothers in cars saw me and followed me.

Pretty soon, the clump of students froze in confusion, the mothers were doing U-turns and creating traffic jams, the Leadership teacher looked as if she needed two Advil and a hot bath. To add to the drama, some seagulls started swooping and divebombing the clump of kids.
The girls, worried about their hair, yelled, “Take cover!!!!”

Took a little longer to get the boys into the car and back to school than I had expected.

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