Happy Monday!

My day started today with a lovely surprise! My very kind husband, just home from a two week business trip to South America, zoomed downtown and brought back a cup of Starbucks to me! NICE!

Then I received an email about this thoughtful review about “The Waiting” from a teacher: Insomniacs Guide To Reading.

This awesome teacher writes a blog to recommend books to fellow teachers. Her mom gave her a copy of my book. I love what spoke to her in this book–different elements than other reviewers. Really insightful comments!

Plus, I think it is amazing that a busy teacher finds time to keep up a blog of good books with her colleagues, and her students, too.

What makes you pick a book? For me, it’s usually a friend’s recommendation.  There’s a great article in Publisher’s Weekly about reasons a kid picks up a book. According to the article, librarians affect up to 24 percent of a teen’s book choosing decisions. Be nice to your librarian! They are so important!

Last piece of notable news today…I opened up the Wall Street Journal and found that the Amish are on the front page! “Bakin’ Whoopie: A Pie Fight Starts Over a Cream-Filled Cake” I always get a kick out of soft topics in the WSJ…a newspaper that takes itself rather seriously.

Which brings me back to Valentine’s Day. I have two whoopie pies from Whole Foods, hidden in a brown bag in the fridge for tonight’s dinner. A bookend to a lovely day!

I am working on final edits for a manuscript for book that will be released January 1st…tentatively titled “The Bee Season.” Also am expecting galleys, any day now, for “A Lancaster County Christmas”(releasing September). And in between, am trying to keep up with my word count for a novel I’m working on…due to editor August 1.

And all of gets squeezed around playing with little Blake, when he’s awake, fed and happy!

Hope your Monday is off to a wonderful start. And if not…turn the day around and make it wonderful! Do something kind for someone else…that will change your day. That person’s, too.

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