Looks like a beautiful day in Washington D.C. today! Cold…but sunny.

Even though I am a wee bit disappointed not to have received an invitation to an Inaugural Ball…not any, not a single one…

(Never mind that this 2009 Inauguration comes with a price tag of over $130 million! Billed as America’s biggest party. Looks like every rock star and actor and VIP on the planet will be there! Sheesh! Security alone for these A-listers is probably 90% of the tab. And just who is picking up the tab for this bash? Oprah? Nope…think again. The answer is the federal government…which is a code word for us little taxpayers. The ones who weren’t invited. Kind of amazing that there is enough cash for a 24-hour party in the midst of a deep, deep recession, when many states, like mine, are giving their teachers IOUs. But…I digress…)

What I meant to say was that I will be watching the Inauguration on television. Along with the rest of the world. I just heard on CNN that more people around the world will be watching this Inauguration on television than any other event in history…ever!

And I fully expect to have that catch-in-my-heart feeling as I witness another peaceful transfer of power in my lifetime.

Really, it’s a miracle we should never, ever take for granted.

And may God bless President Obama. There are enormous expectations heaped on those shoulders. May he surpass everyone’s expectations!

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