My husband was told to hope that he was not called up early to sit in the jury box during the selection process.

My husband was called in as Juror #5.

Not good.

About 12-16 jurors are put in the box, grilled and drilled by the judge, the public defender, and the prosecutor. The rest of the “inventory” sits in the courtroom., waiting to be pulled into the box if a juror gets dismissed. Those in the jury box are being constantly questioned and can’t use their computers or phones, out of respect for the judge.

Steve said it all boils down to two questions: Do you believe in the Constitution? Can you be objective?

So…sadly, Steve is juror #5.

He was supposed to be taking a week’s vacation and instead he is in a jury box. There’s a chance he’ll get dismissed Monday or Tuesday, but it’s looking less and less likely.

I’m not allowed to discuss the case on the blog…I even had to delete my post on Friday after Steve came home and told me not to blog about it! But I will say that the defendant is facing four counts of horrible, horrible crimes. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Mocha with Linda posted a comment on Friday that changed our way of thinking…she reminded us to think of the victims’ families.

Thank you, Mocha with Linda, for reminding me to keep life in its proper perspective.

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