I dropped Oriole off early this morning, said goodbye to her (ouch, ouch, ouch…that’s the hard part of raising service pups!) and went to get a cup of coffee. Sort of my cure for anything…a good cup of coffee.

The barista guy who was making my latte said he was finishing up his last day, heading back to college. Another customer mentioned that his daughter had just left for college. He put his hand against his heart, as if it hurt.

Ah, the end of summer. This time of year is filled with goodbyes.

When I got back in the house, I nearly stumbled over a bottle of shampoo that had been mysteriously removed from my shower and deposited in the family room.

See? I’m going to miss that kind of stuff!

Lovely review of Copper Fire today at Historical Novel Review. I loved her last comment: “A must read historical novel likely destined for more literary awards.”

Even better than a cup of coffee!

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