I have just wrapped up a wildly busy week! Too busy even to keep up with my blog, which is rare for me.

On Tuesday eve, I had a book event at Rakestraw, an independent book store in a nearby town. I was hoping and praying for at least five people to show up…it was a cold night and rain was on its way.

Would you believe that 45 people showed up? 45! I was touched beyond words…and it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Such bright people, so interested in the Amish and the takeaway value their culture provides for us (my main mantra!).

On Thursday morning, I spoke to a young mothers’ group at a church about an hour away from my home. Awesome church, remarkable group of women, sincerely interested in raising their children to be grounded in an unstable world.

I’m not the smoothest speaker in the world…as much as I prepare and practice, I still wish I could edit myself and do it over! But I love the Q&A time…the questions people ask are so interesting. And those questions help me learn what I’m not addressing, or clarifying. For the next time…

Starting in mid-January, I am speaking at an event every single week through the end of March. Phew! (Not complaining! Not at all. A packed calendar is a good thing for a new author.)

I have a little breather with speaking engagements/radio interviews now…which I’m ready for. My house is happily filling up this next week with kids/husband on vacation and I have many details to wrap up for Christmas.

To bump up the celebratory mood a notch…

Let’s have another giveaway! I have a hot-off-the-press copy of “The Choice” in my hands and I have another copy of “To Love and Cherish” (a devotional). Your pick!

Here’s the catch…you need to answer this question: What helps you slow down in the week before Christmas?

I’m looking forward to the answers! We all need to slow down and savor the week ahead of us. It will be over all too soon.

You have until Sunday eve to post or e-mail.

Leave a comment or pop me an e-mail: suzanne at suzannewoodsfisher com

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! And remember to slow down, at least once a day, to stop and soak up Christmas.

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