Looking back on our whirlwind East Coast trip, a good summary is that it wasn’t really a vacation, more like a purposeful, educational, highly focused gallop down I-95.

We visited my daughter and her husband in Rhode Island, took in Boston’s sights, got rained on, saw colleges, drove down to New Jersey to visit my aunt and uncle, got rained on, saw more colleges, and finished up in Washington D.C. More rain. More colleges.

I was allowed one 24-hour detour to an Old Order Amish farm to celebrate my birthday. LOVED it.

Also spent a few nights at the home of dear, dear friends in Baltimore.

But I do NOT recommend traveling with my husband, especially sightseeing in Washington D.C. He forgets to eat and thinks we should forget, too. Last Wednesday, we walked ten miles through the Mall in D.C. TEN MILES. Without any food. In the rain. Trying to absorb historical information at all of those sights. And that was not uncommon!

My son and I refer to those days as our Starvation Walks. I wanted to call them the Trail of Tears but my son, who is more PC than I am, told me I couldn’t.

As you can tell, it was NOT a vacation. A great nine days…but not a vacation.

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