Very, very early on Sunday morning, my husband and I were having coffee at a local coffee shop.

One fellow came in and said to me, “Hey, Suzanne! I saw you walking your dog yesterday. I was coming home from the Fly Fishing Convention and passed you.”

Not two minutes later, another man came up and said, “Hey! Saw you walking your dog yesterday. I was just back from the Fly Fishing Convention.”

Okay, first of all, I walk my dog every single day, rain or shine. A long walk, too. So why did they suddenly notice me?

And what is up with the Fly Fishing Convention? I didn’t even know this “sport” had conventions?!

A clearly well-attended convention, too!

The second man felt the need to expand on the convention, too, telling us that there are hundreds of thousands of flies, and they come in varied sizes.

Who knew? I sure didn’t. Especially at seven am, when I was trying to be nice and polite with only a few sips of coffee.

But all of this excitement over fly fishing got me curious enough to put A River Runs Through It on my Netflix list.

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