If you missed receiving my newsletter yesterday, here’s the big news that I’ve had to keep under the hat for the last few months…(drumroll please!)…

Mary Ann Kinsinger and I have been contracted by Revell to write a four book children’s chapter series that will be loosely based on Mary Ann’s Amish childhood.  If you don’t know Mary Ann’s work, oh…you’re missing out! She writes a wonderful blog called A Joyful Chaos that is wildly popular! So popular that the New York Times mentioned it in a column. And well-deserved, too. Mary Ann has a very special way of creating word stories. And, she’s a very lovely, special person.  

Tomorrow, I am going to be spending the day at Mary Ann’s home in Pennsylvania. Can’t wait to meet this very special woman and her family face-to-face, see the area she grew up in, and talk shop. Our first book is due September 1st…will be released September 2012.

If you want to get updates about this project and other goings-on, please contact me through my website and add your name to the mailing list. Fun stuff going on!

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