Yesterday, we moved Dad from the Board and Care he was living in to an Alzheimer’s facility that is closer to my mom and brothers. As we packed him up, I felt so glad that we had been able to keep him safe…after five escapes in which he ended up on the freeway, in strangers’ cars.

It’s definitely the right time for him to be in a more secured environment. He’s slowed down a lot, even in the last month. He doesn’t always want to leave his board and care anymore—a big change. It’s clear that respite care isn’t really necessary anymore, at least in helping him feel as if he was “going to work.”

My sister took Dad out on an errand while I cleaned out his room and packed him up. Felt like I was throwing out stuff from a pre-schooler. Little crafts, candy that he squirreled away, lots and lots of paper products (why does he need to save straws?!).

Then, we did another bait and switch and packed the car while Dad was occupied. As I fastened his seat belt for the last time, I got a little teary! I won’t be seeing him as regularly as I had been.

Last night, my brother, Dave, e-mailed me this update on Dad’s first evening in his new digs:

So here’s the story. Wendy left as the folks were sitting down for dinner. They sat with another couple who are not married but think they are. They think they have 19 children but no grandchildren.

They lingered after dinner then headed back to Dad’s room, only to find a woman on his bed! Shades of the three bears! They went to find someone to help and returned to find the lady still on the bed, but now another woman was sitting in the rocking chair and they were having a conversation of sorts. Sunrise is a happening place! Octagenarian swingers!

Eventually this was all straightened out. Mom needed some help to distract dad while she ducked out.

Oh…the blessing of a sense of humor!

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