On Monday, my folks came over for lunch and afterwards, I took my dad and my niece, Heather, to a bookstore to see if we could find Amish Peace. Voila! There it was!

My previous books have been with a small royalty press–a great experience to learn about the publishing biz–but bookstores don’t automatically stock small press books. In fact, they have a rather snobbish bias against them. So anytime a book of mine was in a bookstore, it was because I had made contact with the manager. One by one.

Thus, seeing a book of mine IN a store, automatically stocked, just warmed my heart!

And Dad got a kick out of it, too. He recognized my name on the cover, though I don’t think he fully understood that I wrote it. It was sweet and sad…he wanted to buy the book but didn’t have any money. He couldn’t come up with the words, but he emptied out his pockets.

Anyway, this pix will be a lovely memory of Amish Peace’s release week.

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