There’s an interesting development at my dad’s dementia facility…Dad has a lady friend.

Let’s call her…Betty (not her real name). Betty is is very, very attached to Dad.

In an odd way, this is really a good thing. It’s called: transferring of attachments. Very common among Alzheimer’s patients and actually a compliment to a long, happy marriage. In fact, it’s even a nice feeling that he has a “particular friend” at the facility.

A while ago, my sister had my mom up to her house for a weekend visit and together they saw the movie Away from Her starring Julie Christie. (Great movie to get on Netflix if you’re looking for a good one.)

After seeing the movie, when Mom realized Betty had become “particular friends” with Dad, Mom seemed to understand and not feel threatened or disturbed by it. Very impressive–and also a sign that she is fully understanding Dad’s illness.

A good sign, because Betty’s clothes are hanging in Dad’s closet (he shares a room so I doubt there is anything going on that would make a daughter blush).

Her family picture (not ours!) is on Dad’s nightstand.

And when my sister stopped by to visit on Dad’s birthday, as she was saying good-bye Betty called out, “Thanks for coming to see us!”

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