Yesterday, a friend asked me how my dad was doing…and as much as I appreciated her concern, I don’t know how to answer that question. There’s no good answer!

Alzheimer’s disease has taken more and more of Dad’s verbal skills and life skills. He’s very healthy, though…which is a mixed blessing.

(My sister found this picture recently of Dad and me–taken in Hong Kong.)

But last weekend, Dad was over at my brother’s house for lunch on Sunday. My brother had a job for him to do: sticking address labels onto envelopes. Dad had owned a construction trade journal and had stuck many such address labels onto many envelopes over the years.

He was doing a very good job, then suddenly looked up…he happened to notice one address label wasn’t complete.

Everyone got excited and praised Dad for his keen observation! Mom said he just looked so darned pleased.

She said watching him that afternoon…it just felt as if he was normal, doing a task while watching a ball game on tv. In a way, those moments are worth cherishing, because they remind us of how Dad used to be. He’s had this disease for so long that we’re starting to forget.

But every now and then…there’s a glimmer of the old Dad. Sweet, sweet memories.

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