Mom called last night to check in and mentioned that she had spent the day with Dad at my brother’s house. Before dinner, she dropped Dad off at his facility, which is usually the way to make a smooth exit…Dad likes his meals.

At least, she tried to drop him off.

He refused to get out of the car. Mom went around to open the passenger side and he grabbed the keys from her and pushed her away. He slipped into the driver’s seat and tried to drive away, but couldn’t manage getting the keys in the ignition.

As Mom tried to persuade him to get out of the car, he continued to push and hit her. He actually threw something at her, too.

Mom is very frail. If you remember, she broke her hip last January when she got up out of a chair and didn’t realize her foot was asleep.

Fortunately, the workers inside of the facility saw what was going on from an upstairs window and hurried to help Mom. It took three workers to get Dad back inside.

What was so troubling was the tone in my mom’s voice. “I think we’ve lost him,” she said.

Alzheimer’s is a tragic disease.

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